Driving efficiency through advanced products and improved processes across all major AGCO brands

Product Innovations

We are rethinking farm machinery from the ground up, re‑engineering how farms work and building entirely new ways of raising the food the world needs.
Ideal Combine
Reinventing an Essential Farm Workhorse

To revolutionize the combine, we started with a blank sheet of paper. Everything about it is IDEAL. Built from the ground up with input from customers, the new IDEAL combine includes the longest rotor on the market, advanced sensor systems and intelligent networking, delivering the most efficient output and the cleanest results in any crop type and under any conditions. IDEAL self‑monitors and can self‑modify for any harvesting conditions.

Farming Digital to Transform Agriculture

AGCO’s Fuse® technologies and services help make precision agriculture a reality. Fuse’s open architecture provides improved access to farm data and better connections to trusted service providers, allowing growers to make smarter decisions that reduce costs and waste while improving productivity and yields. From enterprise planning to planting, crop care, harvesting and grain storage, Fuse connects and harmonizes the entire crop cycle.

Robots in the Field!

Fendt’s new Xaver concept plans to reinvent planting with cloud‑controlled robots operating in swarms that can work around the clock. The cloud solution enables the farmer to plan, monitor and accurately document the precise planting. Subsequent operations such as crop protecting or fertilizing can be performed precisely at the individual plant. Software updates can be downloaded “over the air” and remote diagnostics performed via the Xaver app.

Transformative Solutions
from Our Brands
AGCO brands are leading the way in inventive solutions to the age‑old challenge of getting more food value from the world’s farms.

Process Innovations

We are driving efficiency, continuous improvement and greater results from our own facilities and supply chain.
Advances in Manufacturing
Glass on the Line

What’s Glass doing on our factory floor? Making our manufacturing sharper and processes clearer for our manufacturing personnel. AGCO is out front of this revolution for ingenuity in manufacturing agricultural machinery. Assisted reality, using wearable devices like Glass, is increasing the efficiency, quality and safety of our manufacturing programs. This isn’t virtual reality which aims to transport you to a virtual space. Assisted reality keeps the operator’s feet on the ground, clearly in the present environment, while providing additional information to his or her line of sight.

It started at our plant in Jackson, Minnesota, U.S. Our factory personnel—empowered and encouraged to work together to solve business problems—brought the idea forward as a way to move beyond clipboards and tablets and deliver a smarter, more cost‑effective way to conduct in‑depth quality inspections. Glass is now in six other plants—four in the U.S. and one each in Brazil and Italy—as a pilot program leading us to new heights.

Research and Development Over Time(in millions)
Commitment to Research and Development
Our Ceaseless Search for Better Ways to Grow

Over the years, AGCO has shown an unwavering commitment to funding research and development—investing in the future of agriculture even when business cycles are down or are in crisis. This ongoing investment continues to feed a steady stream of innovative products and solutions, including the game‑changing, completely reimagined IDEAL combine introduced during 2017 which will be top of the line for three of our leading brands, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Challenger.

Supply Chain
Platform Solutions Revolutionizing Our Value Chain

AGCO’s Smart Logistics award‑winning initiative has focused on digitalization and end‑to‑end integration of partners within our international inbound supply chain. The centralized cloud‑based IT solution combines an intelligent transportation management system, a standardized supplier development process and risk management into a seamless integrated process. Smart algorithms dynamically optimize capacities, shipping costs, supplier shipping requirements and lead times, while monitoring a wide range of geopolitical, weather and economic factors on a real‑time basis in order to optimize the material flow.