Making progress toward our vision of a world where food security is a given

Transformative Agriculture

We are a global force working to improve farm income and yield in every market, leveraging our innovative thinking and advanced technology to make a significant impact on the world.
Our Culture of Innovative Thinking

Innovation is out front at AGCO and our brands, taking precedence in our thinking and our actions because of where it can take us and the world. We are harnessing the positive force of our workforce to drive breakthrough ideas and action. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Humankind keeps growing. By 2050, we’ll have over nine billion mouths to feed. Incremental innovation may not be enough, so AGCO continues to seek out and invest in the next generation of disruptive solutions.

Driving Change in Africa and Other Developing Markets

Together, we can truly make Africa the breadbasket that the world so desperately needs. In much of the developing world, at the smallest scale, farming is seen as profitless drudgery. We are focused on uplifting and empowering African farmers of all kinds, from smallholders to large commercial producers. Through our farmer education initiatives, we support a full range of mechanization and agricultural projects within the supply chain. The education initiatives are conducted on the farm with food production methods appropriate to Africa’s soils and climatic conditions—working to transform farm productivity, yield and profitability.

Africa contains 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land.
Future Farm

Our 150‑hectare Future Farm in Zambia is helping local farmers raise themselves up through focused, relevant farmer education. Featuring the full line of Fuse technologies, our Future Farm includes crop demonstration plots and GSI grain storage and protein production units, while providing training in agronomy and modern agricultural practices.

1.5 to 5.7 TONNES
Our Future Farm shows how farmers can more than triple their yield per acre versus traditional methods.
AGCO Agribusiness Program

AGCO is a lead partner of the first Africa agricultural junior management trainee program in agricultural value chains. The AGCO Agribusiness Qualification (AAQ) program is a joint effort between AGCO, Strathmore Business School (SBS) in Kenya, The Harper Adams University  in the UK, and Kenya‑based The Bridge Africa which runs programs to prepare graduates for employment. This is a significant milestone for AGCO. Initiated as a direct response to the need to bring young talent into the agribusiness sector in Africa, it is a long‑term commitment to skills’ development which will benefit all those involved in the agricultural value chain.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

AGCO is a strong supporter of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations that seek to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Across our many brands, our innovative solutions focus on maximizing agricultural efficiency and minimizing waste to better feed the world.

AGCO Agriculture Foundation

With AGCO’s proud 27‑year history of global growth, innovation and historically powerful brands, we are positioned today as a leading voice in the industry and beyond. Recognizing this as both a responsibility and an opportunity, we have created a philanthropic platform, the AGCO Agriculture Foundation, to support and promote vital initiatives that will have a direct social, economic and environmental impact on our communities around the globe.